If you’re interested in submitting your stories for publication these are the submission details.

We look for new writing from all perspectives. We want to have readers question popular assumptions on where talent is found and how stories are told through the lens of culture and experience.

Submit short stories & essays for free

The recommended length is 2500 words (MS Word will be used for this determination).

Open letters, to organizations or objects, taking a humorous view are acceptable. Book excerpts, if they work as stand-alone, are acceptable if the book is not published in the United States. Book reviews are acceptable.

All submitted work must be unpublished. Please do not submit previously published content, these will not be published.

How to get your stories published

Submissions are free to submit.

Submissions will be screened as they are received. We will do our best to give you a timeframe for the review as they typically take two months.

Submissions must be emailed to [email protected].

Short stories and other works are encouraged to be pitched. Please provide a synopsis of your work and the requested rate.

The Resolute Gentleman LLC. will have online rights to your work for four (4) months after publication on this site. After that time online rights will be returned to you. You will retain audio and print rights as well as non-English rights during these four months.

Story editing may be requested prior to publishing. There may be small formatting changes for the story to fit in within the site theme formatting.

Submission format: please submit your work within the email. Do not send Word documents or PDFs.

Avoid using special fonts, colors, or artwork.

In your cover letter please provide:

  • Title (please keep them short)
  • Author name and pen name as applicable
  • Author email
  • Word count
  • Requested rate
  • Author bio is optional

Unfortunately, poetry is not accepted at this time.

Patrons with a of 6-months minimum participation are eligible for the rate of 15 cents/word.

Please send your stories or story pitches and requested rate to [email protected].

Advance Reading Copy (ARC) Submissions

We accept ARC submissions on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested in having your book reviewed on this platform and related social media, please reach out to us with the following information.

  • Book title
  • Author name
  • Author email
  • Page count
  • Genre
  • Book synopsis
  • Author biography
  • Release date

Please send your requests to [email protected].

Want to contribute? You can donate using this link. All donations will be used to support publishing your stories.