Taking Time to Reflect

Reflecting when trapped in the noise

It seems we always have something to do, someplace to be, something due at the last minute. We spend a lot of time working on things and forget to take time for ourselves.

I work from home. At first, I thought it would be great, no commute, I can sleep a little later and I can work with fewer distractions. For the most part, it’s true. Working from home offers a lot of flexibility and keeps me focused on producing results.

Then I started to realize that I wasn’t always taking a lunch break. I would get something to eat and go back to my work area. Then I would start work a little earlier and end a little later. I would think that it was OK because that would be the same as commute time so I wasn’t really losing time.

With personal priorities and working from home, I felt as if all my time was being consumed and I was getting lost in the noise.

Taking time for yourself

I have to realize that I have my own life and that my life is not defined by what job I have or obligations I have. I’m not saying I have to abandon my obligations, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

What is important is that I know that taking time for myself is alright. What happens if I don’t? Will I burn out? What happens if I burn out? I won’t be good for anyone or myself.

Final thoughts

It’s easy to get lost in the noise, to become exhausted and burnt out. The important thing to remember is that it’s ok to take time for ourselves during the day to break away and refresh the mind.


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