Summer Vacation Crime – by Kadi Alquraini

Chapter One

Watson: “It’s finally May! I miss my hiking trip and camping with my friends.”

Sherlock: “Hold on my friend. I personally hate Summer vacation, I hate these coming three months.”

Watson replied:” Oh, do not be silly! Look outside everyone is enjoying this time of the year. The offers in the amusement parks, offers in the resorts and hotels, even some restaurants have offers for the Summer vacations.”

Sherlock:” Watson, come on. You know me very well. I do not like the crowded places; I just like drinking my cup of tea in a quiet place. The crowded restaurants and parks do not attract me. You better keep that in mind.”

…Silence …

Doorbell rings

Watson: “I think it is the laundry boy. I left my laundry this morning, and I forgot to get them back.”

Watson opens the door: “Oh, hello Mr. Jack, I haven’t seen you in a while “

Sherlock yells: “Who is at the door?”

Watson:” He is the postman.”

Watson thanks the postman and closes the door to head to Sherlock.

Watson:” I believe this mail is from America.

Sherlock: “America!”

“Yes, I saw the mail poster, and I think it is coming from there.”

“Maybe it is a case from there .”

Sherlock opens the mail.

Sherlock: “Oh my god I totally forgot him! How could he still remember me!”

Watson: “Who is it? I am excited to know”

“He is an old friend from America. I haven’t met him for 10 years.”

Sherlock reads the mail loud: ’’Hi Sherlock Holmes we have not met for long time. Do you still remember me? I am Richard. This coming week we will stay at a resort in the Northwest of America. John will join us, too. Just let me know if you are in to reserve you a flight. I just I want to say that John and I miss you so much, and we miss our old days. By the way, I still remember your best friend, Dr. Watson. You can bring him with you if you want.”


Richard Ottah”

Chapter Two

Watson: “We should probably pack quickly, I am so excited for this trip.”

“Hmm, I am not sure if I want to go there.”

“Why? I remember you talking about your best American friends a lot.”

“Yeah, but I do not like sitting many hours on the plane, you know what. I will do it, I am going to go there.”


Sherlock and Watson got prepared to visit their old American friend in the far Northwest in America.

While they are on the plane:

Sherlock: “I remember that Richard and John run a business together.”

“Oh, really? What kind of business?”

“I do not remember well, but I think it was real estate agency.”

“That’s interesting, I do not know much about real estate.”

Sherlock and Dr Watson arrived at the United States and Richard was waiting for them in Seattle Tacoma airport.

Sherlock: “Richard! I do not believe it!

Richard: “Holmes! you became an old man!”

Sherlock: “giggling, you know my job requires me to think deeply, which makes me older.”

Sherlock introduces Watson to Richard and begins to talk about their old memories in London.

Chapter Three

Richard delivers Sherlock and Dr. Watson to the resort which will stay in for a week

Richard: “How’s cases going?”

Sherlock: “Oh, if I tell you my cases, you won’t believe that these cases are happening in the real word.”

Tell me, what are the reasons for the criminals?’’

Well, the number one reason is money. Then revenge, hate, and even love.”


Believe me, I dealt with many criminals because of love.”

Sherlock and Richard had been talking for two hours about the criminals.

Chapter Four

Richard and his guests arrived at the resort. Richard’s wife (Sara), and his twenty-years-old daughter (Nancy), arrived last night at the resort. Besides, John’s wife (Ander), and his son (Michael), who is eighteen years old, and John’s daughter (Klara), who is fifteen years old. These two friendly families are spending a funny time together. They had many good times and vacations together.

The resort is quietly big. Richard and Sara have their own room, Nancy and Klara share one room, John and Ander have their room, Michael has a room, and Sherlock and Dr. Watson have a room.

It is 6.00 pm. The mothers started to prepare the dinner. They have burgers and fish to grill outside. The fathers are preparing the barbecue kit, and the girls are preparing the appetizers while they laugh at old memories.

Sherlock is having a conversation with Michael

Sherlock: “Do you like being here?”

“Hmm, that is the first time someone asked me this question, but if I have a choice, I would love to spend these nights with my friends.”

“Why would you not?”

“My parents are so strict, especially my father. He wants me to go with them in every trip. He does not understand that I am an adult and I can decide my own choices.”

“Well, you are right, but I am be sure he is doing that because he loves you.”

“I hope so.”

The fathers are yelling to tell that the dinner is ready.

Everybody is sitting on the table and enjoying the barbecue night.

John: “I want to go swimming in the pool, who wants to join me?”

Richard: “I am full right now, maybe I will join you in an hour.”

Everyone is packaging the table and cleaning the dishes

Watson: “I feel sleepy, I am going to bed.”

Sherlock: “Me too, I did not sleep well in the plane.”                         

Chapter Five

Richard is preparing to go swimming with John who precedes him an hour ago.

Richard goes to the pool and he does not hear any noise. He is curious. He thinks that John is not there. He begins searching. Richard sees a great spot of blood in the corner of the pool. He hurries up to John’s body. John is drowned in his blood. He has a heavy wound in his neck and his body is lying in the swimming pool. Richard runs quickly to the resort to tell Sherlock about what just happened.

Richard: “Help! help!”

Sherlock and Dr. Watson heard the noise outside, so they go out to see what happened.

Sherlock: “Richard! what is going on?”

Richard: “I do not know! I am not sure what I just saw! John’s body!”

Everybody is shocked, John just ate dinner with them and now he is dead, but how could this be? He is a good swimmer. The chance of sinking is impossible.

The police were called to investigate John’s death. The forensic expert looked at the body to examine the cause of death.

Forensic expert: “The cause of death is that the victim received a wound in his neck by a knife and then his body was thrown in the pool by the culprit. It is clearly a murder, but the crime weapon is missing. And the time of the crime is between 9:25 and 9:35 pm.”

Sherlock: “So, we should investigate everyone and check if they have an absence excuse.”

Sherlock and the policemen gather everyone in the resort to investigate each one alone. Sherlock starts with John’s wife.

Sherlock: “Where were you between 9 and 10?”

Ander: “At 9 I was in the kitchen with Sara. We were cleaning the dishes. We finished at 9:20 and then I went to take a shower in the bedroom’s bathroom. And my two children were playing cards in my room until 10.”

Sherlock: “Hmm, it seems that you had a witness with you all the time. So, you are free to go now.”

Sherlock investigates both Michael and Klara, and they confirmed that they stayed together between 9 and 10.

Sherlock investigates Richard: “Tell me where were you between 9 and 10?”

Richard: “At 9 I was in the living room chatting in my phone until my wife finished cleaning the kitchen between 9:20 or 9:30. Then I went to the bedroom with my wife and wore my short to go swimming, but you know what happened.”

Sherlock: “So, you were alone between 9 until 9:30? Richard, I heard that there were financial problems between you and John about your mutual job. Is that true?”

Richard: Yeah, John was careless in our job, which led us to bankruptcy, but that does not mean that I killed him!”

Sherlock: “I am sorry, but you are accused of murdering John”

Sherlock investigates Sara: “What were you doing between 9 and 10?”

Sara: “From 9 to 9:30 I was cleaning the kitchen with Ander. Ander left me around 9:20 and the I went to my room at 9:30 with my husband until he went to the pool and the I fell asleep.”

Sherlock: “So, you were alone between 9:20 and 9:30?”

Sara: “No, after Ander left me, I called my daughter Nancy to help me in the kitchen. You can ask her.”

Sherlock: “Thank you madam for your time.”

Sherlock investigates Nancy about her place between 9 and 10.

Nancy: “I was talking with my best friend on my phone from 9 until my mom called me to help her at 9:20. You can check my phone’s recent call and you will find that. After 9:30 I called my friend again and then I heard my father’s scream.”

Sherlock feels confused. Everyone has an absence excuse. Who had killed John? The only way to know is to find clues.

Sherlock and Dr. Watson are in a crime scene to look for clues. Sherlock is looking for a shortcut to lead to the pool other than the main door, but he could not find any. Sherlock swears that he won’t sleep until he finds out who is the killer.

Chapter Six

Sherlock gathers the police and everyone in the resort to detect the culprit.

Sherlock: “I invited you all to reveal the truth. As you know the killer is one of you. The killer is the closest person to the victim unfortunately.”

Dr. Watson: “What! Are you sure?”

Sherlock: “I am. And the killer is you madam Ander”

Ander: “What! I told you before. I have absence excuse! and I have two witnesses”

Sherlock: “Yeah, you played a very well play. Actually, you used your innocent children to cover your crime.”

Michael: “That’s not true! my mom adores my dad. How could she do that!”

Sherlock: “I will tell you how. Your mother brought you to her room to play card while she was taking a shower. However, she went to the bathroom and jumped out of the window and went to the swimming pool to kill your father. And then she returned to act she had a shower.”

Ander: “What! If you are honest, you should have a clue, and I do not think so!”

Sherlock: “Fortunately, I have a clue. Your dress is torn in the window while you were jumping out of the window.”

Ander: “How! I do not believe that!”

Klara: “Mom, Is that true! I can not believe you did it!”

Ander-bursts out of tears-: Yes, I am the killer. I did it. I caught John cheating on me. He takes benefit of his work to spend the whole day with girls. I could not take it anymore! I was depressed. I planned to avenge him. I took the cutting knife from the kitchen to kill my traitor husband.”

Ander is sentenced to life imprisonment with the charge of killing her husband John.


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