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Coming soon…short stories told by you. If you’re interested in submitting your stories for publication these are the submission details.

Word count: 6000 maximum. This is a hard stop at 6000, if you have 6001 it will be returned and you will start over in the queue. Word count does not include story title.

Author name: Please provide the author name as you want it to be published.

Genre: Please provide the story genre. Fiction and nonfiction only.

Open letters, to organizations or objects, taking a humorous view are acceptable.

Submissions will be on a first in – first out basis. Submissions will be screened from the 15th of the month to the 15th for submission on the last Wednesday of the month.Please do not submit previously posted content, these will not be published.

Should your story be selected for publication there will be no charge or payment for the story.

You will retain ownership of the story and can have the story pulled at any time.

You will receive a publication code that will be associated with the author’s name as published and the originating email addresses.

The withdrawal request must come from the originating email with the publication code or an alternate email with the publication code. The publication code is a MUST for withdrawing submissions.

Short stories will not be edited, what you submit is what will be posted. Though there may be small formatting changes for the story to fit in within the site theme formatting.

Submission format: please submit your work within the email. Do not send Word documents or PDFs. All submissions must be in English.

Avoid using special fonts, colors, or artwork.

On top of work please provide:

  • Title (please keep them short)
  • Authors name
  • Authors email
  • Providing a brief bio to accompany your submission is acceptable and may be published.

Unfortunately I’m not accepting poetry at this time.


Blogger, maybe writer, failed professional student, writes about success from failure and the contrary mind.

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