Make Rules for Yourself

We live in a world of collaboration and rules we agree upon to make society work. We vote for people when we agree or disagree with these rules and hope for the best.

If we think about it, our lives are nothing but rules anyway. We have rules at work, rules at educational facilities, and rules for society. These are the rules that tell us what we can’t do.

Yet, how often do we have rules for ourselves say what we can do?

It’s more often than not that we don’t have rules because either we are too busy to figure it out, we don’t know ourselves well enough to make rules, or maybe a combination of both. I fall into the combination of both.

I believe writing is collaborative, it’s between my ideas and yours.

So I ask you as I ask of myself, what if we held ourselves accountable to our empowering rules?

Why not start today?

I’ll start and I hope you’ll join me in creating rules that will help us grow.

We can create rules to help us increase our happiness, confidence, and contributions to others in meaningful ways.

The hard part is sticking to your rules no matter what. Not letting our stubbornness or bad habits get in the way of our progress. If we embrace these rules then we might have a shot at becoming more.



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