Reading Vacation: Help Wanted

Heading into summer we think of beaches, lakes, relaxing in the long days. We take vacations for different reasons: to get things done around the home, to get out of our daily monotony, so why not try a reading vacation?

I’ve never tried a reading vacation but always want to try it. So, instead of waiting for “someday”, I’m going to try it this summer and need your help.

The concept

A reading vacation can be described basically by its name: a set amount of time (a few days or more), either at home or away, to relax, clear the mind of every day stresses and read a book or collection of books.

I think of it as a mental retreat and an opportunity to read books you never had a chance to read or would have never thought about reading.

Types of books

I give myself reading assignments every month. The assignment is to read at least 2 books of different genres from my reading bucket list and read 1 book about anything.

June is my “cheat month” for goals so anything goes for what I read. So far I haven’t decided what to select and need your help with your recommendations.

Should I read multiple shorts works?

Should I read one medium to long work?

Then I have to figure out what genre to read. I’m also considering works from outside North America or Europe.

I’m looking for book recommendations. Books that you think people should read or that are important.


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