A Goal of No Goals – A Perspective on the Present

I’ve been tracking my monthly and daily goals over the last 10 months and I can see my goals being reached over time.

Making goals and working towards them can be both rewarding and stressful. I would put pressure on myself to meet the goals but wasn’t hard on myself if I didn’t reach them. I would look back and see that I didn’t reach some of my goals because I was making too many commitments. It was a little disappointing but I had to slow my pace so I could make meaningful goals and work on them.

Now we are heading into June I thought I would take a break from making goals (June will be a busy month so it works out).

You could say my goal for a month of no goals is to explore and try new things and see where things go.

Can we have a goal of having no goals? I think so. We have to distinguish between now and tomorrow. Sometimes we have changed our focus from tomorrow centered to something in the moment. Like most things in life, we have to find a balance between living and enjoying the now and working for tomorrow.

Try to take time to explore new things, learn a few words of a foreign language, or learn notes on an instrument. Try anything new and you might discover something about yourself.


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