Motivation as a Reflection of Self

Understanding motivation

I’m not a runner, yet keeping ourselves motivated appears what a marathon would feel like. The constant repetition of actions slowly moving us forward toward the finish line.

Sometimes I need a refresher to keep myself motivated and I’m sure you do too.

This brings us back to the quality of our plans and actions. For instance, these also include the aspects of our self-perspective whether they are positive or negative.

We have to remind ourselves that being motivated and growing is a continuous process. It occurs over time and not something that happens overnight.

The actions speak louder cliche

Cliches are cliches because they carry a truth. We can say and plan a lot of things, yet we are the things we do. Our actions matter.

We do all types of actions through our day, some help us, some don’t. These actions may be things we think will help us because we want to be better than we are. We form a belief that we have to do it.

The actions we take on the decisions we come to are based on our core concepts.

We have to remind ourselves that our motivation guides the quality our actions take and how they are perceived by others. Positive or negative perspectives and outcomes can be determined by our motivations.

Foundations of motivation

Can motivations be learned?

We base our motivations on the concepts we hold in our mind. We form these core concepts based on what we value, our beliefs, and what we yearn for in our lives.

I sometimes ask if motivation can be learned. Our ability to be motivated and keep our motivations depend on the states and changing of our core concepts.

This is why maintaining motivation is difficult. These concepts can be changing as we learn and grow in our constant evaluation of self.

There are opportunities to let go of the way we think and see the world, to see things with fresh and inquisitive perspectives. This can help us maintain motivation by keeping our key concepts within our focus.

The ever-changing “me”

When we think we can’t keep our focus on these concepts all we have to do is think back into our past. We aren’t the same people we were a year ago, five years ago, or 10 years ago.

Some of these changes were abrupt due to changes in circumstance others changed slowly over time. Through experience and re-evaluation.

Back then we may have had different motivations based on different core concepts of self. We could have created negative motivations based on fear or a sense of helplessness. Or positive ones to help those around us.

Sometimes we question the motivations of others but don’t look deeper into what drives them. People can have motivations we see as negative but they think they are doing things for the right reasons.

We can find ourselves stuck in the past. It happens to me sometimes. I see these moments as ways of decreasing my motivation because there’s something in my core concepts that are not right.

It takes introspection to figure out if this is a temporary incident or something bigger. It’s hard to change old habits or belief systems but it is possible.

Contemporary motivations

Motivations are not only a reflection of ourselves, but they can also be local or national as well.

On the subject of history, I’ve mentioned in other posts regarding the importance of reading the classics. Using my reading through my literature bucket list has helped me see perspectives from the past.

Reading past works can help us see what people valued and believed.

In a way, we judge people and societies in history based on what we believe now compared to what they believed then.

If we look at the key people in history, those in the negative as well as the positive, we see changes in the core concepts. These were their motivations and how motivations spread throughout cultures.

We can see the motivations of our fellow citizens that we think may be wrong. Yet why do we think they are wrong? Is it because we don’t share the same core concept system?

Is it because we don’t understand their core concept systems? Or both? I think it’s probably a mixture of both.

I talk about looking inward and working on what’s there to grow as a person. We should also remember that we should also look and try to understand those around us. To get to know what motivates them or why they hold their belief systems.

Maybe we can learn about ourselves in the process, maybe they can have an opportunity to say out loud what they believe and see if it sounds right.

Final thoughts

We and the people around us do the things we do for our own reasons. Whether we understand these reasons or not is up to us.

Our motivations are in a way, a reflection of ourselves. They are a representation of our core concepts and our culture. We are our actions and the actions of those around us based on our core concepts.

We judge these actions based on our core concepts and possibly without any knowledge of theirs. Yet, we have to navigate our lives and try to do the best we can with what we have.

Any decisions we make we have to live with ourselves.

As a community, to change our motivations, we have to alter our perceptions. One way to start is with ourselves and through civil and informed discussions.

One day our actions as a culture are will be part of our history. Therefore, it’s up to us to figure out what’s motivating and how we want future generations to view us.

If we are happy with our personal and social motivations, then maybe we aren’t looking hard enough.

Altogether, if we are not happy, then we need to transform our motivations. Are you ready to begin?


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