The Cost of Money – A Perspective on Freedom

Making money is important so we can satisfy our necessities but how often do we go beyond our necessities or confuse wants with needs? I think too often.

We lose focus on what’s essential. We have no clear understanding of who we are, therefore, we can’t know what we want or need. So, we spend and keep spending money trying to keep up with what others have, buying the newest $1000 phone, expensive cars, and a lot of take-out food.

We get into a cycle of debt, working to pay off things we don’t need or thought we wanted. We lose the true cost of money and apply a value to it that’s beyond what we need.

Money is more than a number in our bank accounts, it is a passport to freedom. When used right, in line with our personal vision and goals, money is a resource to help us go where our vision leads.

Does your vision include a $5 cup of coffee? Probably not. Do your goals include $100 pants? I doubt it. Does your personal vision include a $60K car? I know mine doesn’t.

When we purchase something, we trade a level of freedom in the hope of getting something more from that purchase. For example, you find a class you want to take and it’s something you’re interested in learning and it helps you achieve goals. This is a good trade because it adds value.

This is not to mean we should deprive ourselves of experiences, only to look at the value of each experience to how it will affect our lives. Getting a $5 coffee every day will not increase the value of our lives but maybe going to a concert or theater to experience an event with a large group will.

I’ve grown to know that every dollar I earn and spend is a means to an end, an end that can add value to my life. There can be a significance to what we do with our resources to enrich ourselves. So I ask, can you find the cost of money for personal freedom?


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