Writing Progress: January Summary

Trying a new path: writing

I had a lot of time on my hands this January (layoff). Luckily I’ve been busy interviewing and some opportunities look promising. While I’m looking for new opportunities I’ve started working on a project that’s been in the back of my mind for some time.

The project is a primer on regulatory affairs and drug development, with a focus on small molecules. My goal is to self publish an ebook and maybe a paperback on Amazon around October – December 2019.

I also have a goal of writing one short story for each month of 2019. The short stories don’t have to be complete or final. I don’t think anything that is written can be completed, only brought to a point considered “final” draft. So, I’m going to write one story per month and let them sit for a few weeks before I go back and edit them. It’ll be like circuit training of editing and writing. Then I might try submitting them for publication. I can see 2020 playing out the same way but that’s getting too far ahead of myself.

Writing apps

Started with Word and Google Docs. Transitioned to a downloaded Scrivener free trial. I like it so far though there are so many things it can do that I haven’t discovered.

Overall, I think I’ll work with Scrivener for Mac.

Writing goals

The book will be around eight chapters. I don’t have word goals for each chapter because I’m focusing on quality over quantity, especially when I’m trying to keep things simple.

I have a habit of editing as I write. I’m working on breaking this habit, with some I’m working on an overall draft of all chapters before I edit each chapter. I like how Scrivener allows me to swap chapter locations to improve content flow.

I have found myself slipping into an editing mode when I find things that are out of place. This takes away from my writing flow and something I need to work on.

As mentioned above, my goal is to publish no later than December 2019 though I am willing to go into 2020 if I think quality can be improved.

January writing stats


  • Chapters in-progress: 5 out of 10 planned
  • Chapters completed: 0
  • Words added in January: 14,769
  • Total Words: 14,769

Short Stories

  • Shorts designated as draft: 2
  • Total Words: 4718
    • The Code: 248
    • A Silence in the Heavens: 4470

Final thoughts

I’m looking forward to seeing how my writing goals play out this year and if I can balance work, life, and writing.

Let me know if you have recommendations or ideas based on your experiences, I welcome ideas based on experience.


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