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Problem-solving before problems develop

When I start a project or think about starting a project I write out a simple plan for it.

  • What is the point of the project (the overall goal)?
  • How much time do I need for this project?
  • What are the obstacles around this project?

The last point I mentioned is, for me, the hardest part to figure out. Thinking about what I’m afraid of happening can apply to so many things in our lives. So I decided to create a problem tracking and solution worksheet.

It’s a simple form that helps me identify problems and find potential solutions for them before they start. It works for me and I hope it can work for you too.

Disclaimer: I receive nothing the following recommendations. This is just me letting you know about the services I enjoy.

Have you heard of BespokePost?

It’s a monthly subscription to these great product filled boxes. Each month you will receive a box of theme based products. If you don’t want the products of that box you can swap it out for another box they have in stock.

I use this service and enjoy the products; I received a shaving kit maybe 2 years ago and I still use it. They even sent a brew kit to make homemade beer. If you have the time and want to get interesting products, check into signing up. You can cancel at any time without hassle.

Do you like audiobooks?

I like to listen to books when I’m on a long drive or doing yard work. There’s a free audiobook service called LibriVox.

LibriVox provides classic works of literature narrated by volunteers. The app is free, the audiobooks are free, what’s better than free?! They have talented narrators that bring the stories to life.

If you want to hear classics like Moby Dick or Oliver Twist, even Plato’s Republic, check out LibriVox.

Do you like stories of human ingenuity and overcoming obstacles?

Then the TED Radio Hour might interest you. They combine true stories from TED speakers and create a theme such as happiness, wisdom, the cosmos, overcoming adversity, and the nature of innovation.

The talks are about 1 hour long and worth checking out.

Do you want to learn something fun?

I think art and music complement critical thinking. So I decided to learn to play guitar. I had no clue what to do but I found a great site with videos. If you’re interested in playing guitar, check out these sites: Justin Guitar and Sage Music.