Evaluating Failure

Learning from failure

My big failure anniversary is coming up and I’m thinking about the things I would have done differently. Failure happens to us all, they are often called mistakes, and they happen more often than not.

Making mistakes and failing is important. I think if we don’t have these experiences then we aren’t challenging ourselves. I’m not saying that we should actively seek out mistakes or failure or that failure is enjoyable.

I think we should use failure as a stepping stone to success by evaluating failure to learn and grow.

Try to look at mistakes and figure out what went wrong. This is so I can prevent myself from repeating the same mistakes over time. Maybe look at what habits I had during that time, what were my goals during this time (I can reference my bullet journal to see what was going on).

I ask myself if I have biases that prevented me from reaching my goal? Had I created the wrong goal? Then the pathway that leads me to create that goal needs to be re-evaluated.

I also look at the unintended consequences of that failure. Did I come across something new and interesting? Is there something I can salvage from the failure? This blog, for example, is an unintended consequence of failing Pharmacy School.

It was and still is my hope that people who are failing or have failed can see that there is another path that grows from a significant failure.

Final thoughts

We should strive to do things correctly, to have an idea of what we want to do and make plans to get to those points. We should strive to have the strength to overcome failing things that are important or have significance.

We should not forget that failure is part of growth, that we should get back up, learn from our mistakes, and keep pushing forward.


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