Managing Situations – A Perspective on Control

Changing situations

It’s a great feeling when we finally figure out what we want. The excitement of that realization and the anticipation of the outcome. Then we make these nice and organized plans to get us there.

Change will happen

Things change as they always do. Plans unravel and are thrown into chaos. We are left to pick up the pieces and adapt on the go.

We like to think we can control all the things that happen. No matter how much we plan, most of the things that happen are out of our control.

We may not know that the basement will flood in the next storm or the refrigerator will break down in the middle of the night leaving water all over the kitchen floor. That doesn’t mean we can’t plan and prepare for situations like these.

When I failed out of Pharmacy School all that planning, years of work, and future goals were changed in one day with one letter. Instead of focusing on that event I had to figure out what to do next, life wasn’t going to give me a break and pause while I figured things out. It was going to go on and I had to go with it.

Reacting to change

We do have some control over how we react to sudden changes. We are far more capable of reacting to change than we give ourselves credit for. I’m an ordinary person, flawed and still trying to figure life out. Yet, having the ability to adapt to changing circumstances has helped me see my inner strength.

Having no idea what I was going to do and after a little panicking, I had to drag that internal courage we all have and figure things out as life was rapidly changing around me.

Final thoughts

It was hard, yet I find myself in an unexpected place. I read a lot but never thought I would enjoy learning to write. I never thought about expanding into other creative outlets. Yet, it’s happening. Life will go on, it’s up to us to figure out how to ride the sometimes turbulent current.


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