Positive Attitudes for Positive Outcomes

Balancing the mind and emotions

I’ve been thinking about how having a positive attitude helps in life; how we can develop a positive attitude and the hard part, maintain a positive attitude.

I think this change starts in the mind not the heart. We all have the ability to think yet it’s sometimes easier to act on feelings than to try to think through what’s happening around us.

There’s an opportunity to use our minds to develop a positive attitude and discover how having a positive attitude helps in life.

The question that goes through my mind is how often do we think about having a positive attitude or try to have one? Maybe it isn’t as often as we think.

We can also use our minds to change how we react to events, which is often a quick emotional reaction followed later by thinking about the events and what they mean.

We always have an opportunity to shape our emotions and our emotional responses for the positive. This foundation, the basis for having a positive attitude, comes from what we believe.

If we developed a negative attitude then we are biased towards those negative feelings, we see the world through that lens of negativity and our actions and results are reflected in that negativity.

Develop a positive attitude

As I mentioned above, when we have this negative attitude it becomes reflected in our actions when something happens by accident or on purpose.

If we break this negative attitude and develop a positive attitude we can think about how we would react to events and how those reactions can lead to other outcomes.

I think I had a negative attitude while I was in Pharmacy School and that shaped my reaction to failing. I didn’t see it as a new opportunity, I saw it as the deletion of my future.

When I didn’t develop a positive attitude I couldn’t see how having a positive attitude helps in life. I wasn’t able to change what I believed about failing out of school and I couldn’t change my emotions about it.

So I ask you to imagine living your life with nothing but negative emotions. Nothing is good enough, things are never going well, you always want more and not happy with what you have or where you are. This is emotionally draining.

Unfortunately, there are some people who live with that attitude. It doesn’t have to be this way. When we develop a positive attitude, we tend to react to events in a more positive manner.

With a positive attitude or outlook, you might not be easily angered when someone doesn’t see you and cuts you off in traffic or as we face other obstacles. Compared with a negative outlook, we could imagine that we would be less likely to be understanding.

I think it’s up to us to find a way to focus our minds towards the positive. To interpret the events around us in a habit which leaves us with a positive outlook on life.

If we don’t, the negativity can taint everything we do or plan to do and that probably wouldn’t end well for us.

Maintain a positive attitude

I want to work on the ability to maintain a positive attitude not only for mental health but to have positive outcomes in what I try to do.

So I challenge you to do the same. Any time you feel a negative emotion coming on, try to remember to ask yourself if you are interpreting the actions and events properly. Also, we should challenge any of our beliefs that lead us to negativity.

I like to use my Pharmacy School failure as an example because what my life is now is a result of that experience. It has helped shape my belief structure and my abilities.

On an emotional level, it was hard to be positive. Yet I was able to use my mind to bring me out of a negative state to reconsider my options.

Knowing that I have options helped me develop a positive attitude. Seeing the results of the positive attitude has helped me keep a positive attitude.

Having a positive attitude helps in life, it’s like a feedback loop of either positivity or negativity, I choose positivity.

Patterns of attitudes

I think there are patterns to our behavior. We think that we can not change yet things will change around us and all will be well without having to do anything.

We can choose to live this way or we can take control of our lives and do something about it.

This isn’t to say that we have to live our lives without negativity. Bad things will happen, failures will occur, we will get angry or jealous.

The important thing is to know what will trigger these emotions and not let them get the best of us. It’s up to us to discover within ourselves the commonalities that create negative attitudes.

Select one thing which tends to bring out negative emotions. Try to see what other ways you might be able to understand your environment. To understand what is happening and enables us to see how having a positive attitude helps in life.

Final thoughts

Take a moment and think of the times in your life when you have responded to a situation with a negative attitude.

Write them down if you can. Now consider what about each situation caused you to react in that manner. Write down a quick note or two next to each event.

See how negativity flows from us to our actions and those results? It’s like a snowball effect of negativity. Having a negative attitude alters our perceptions of the world toward the negative.

Our negative perceptions lead us to see the actions of others, intentional or unintentional, as negative. We react negatively in response and the results are negative.

Like I mentioned above, it’s a negativity feedback loop that never ends.

We have the ability to change this, although not overnight but with time, dedication, and patience.

It’s up to us to be positive.

It’s up to us to act in a positive way if we want to have the lives we work so hard to accomplish.


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2 thoughts on “Positive Attitudes for Positive Outcomes

  • December 10, 2018 at 10:31 am

    I was having a problem with my attitudes. You have written very well. I have got the answer from your blog. I will apply in real life and I will let you know. Thanks for sharing the thoughts.


    • December 11, 2018 at 9:20 am

      Thank you for reading and reaching out. I wish you the best of luck in your attempt to better yourself, I’m interested in knowing your progress so please stay in touch.


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