Adding Value – A Thank You

You add value

A lot of what I write is about how we can add value to ourselves. This brought moments to mind when I was down and hope was just a dim light in the distance. I thought about the times I felt like giving up.

The moments between joy

We’ve all had moments where we thought we were down. If we are lucky, there was someone there to help us get back on our feet. Someone reached out to us then I starting thinking about how often do I reach out to others.

I started this website a year ago because I wanted to share my experience in failing out of Pharmacy School. It was meant to be a point of hope for those facing similar situations.

The overall message is, should you fail, it’s not the end. It’ll be hard to recover but you will recover. I was hoping to add value to others. I found in helping others I was helping to improve myself and what I want from my life.

Sometimes I think it’s not enough or I just don’t know what is enough really means.

You are adding value

So I look at other bloggers and try to see and understand where they are coming from.

I’ve seen a lot of great content (sometimes I get jealous) and I can see that you’re adding value to others lives.

I read your posts containing stories and insights that I probably wouldn’t have thought about. I see stories of hope, declarations of faith, lessons from mistakes so we can do better than those that came before.

There are descriptions of the mundane written poetically as to show a hidden world just under the surface of what we see every day. I see inspirational quotes and stories that show me hope is within all of us.

I see how you add value because you add value to my life. I know I’m better for what you put into the world and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.



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